Paul R. Anamosa, PhD
Paul Anamosa, Ph.D.

Grower Relations

Many issues surrounding winegrape quality are related to the timely management of the vineyard.  Many vineyard managers are not sufficiently knowledgeable or motivated to manage for optimal quality.  This is due to either lack of basic knowledge about the impact of soil fertility, vine nutrition, soil water availability, irrigation, pruning and canopy management on winegrape quality, or they are risk averse to trying new technologies that are different from what they are currently doing.  Grower Relations and Viticultural Oversight provides the vineyard manager with a partner to help guide and discuss the ramifications of all aspects of vineyard management.  The collaboration is usually initiated as a visit with the winery and/or vineyard manager to discuss the current production practices and the quality of the current wines.  Then we set up bi-weekly vineyard visits where upon Dr. Anamosa will review vine growth characteristics within each block and provide specific written recommendations for activities for the upcoming days.  This process requires a congenial relation between managers and the consultant to ensure that recommended activities are followed in a precise and timely fashion.  Recommendations may include fungicide products and applications; insect, mite or disease management; leaf and/or lateral removal or other canopy adjustments; irrigation applications; and fertilizer applications.